The purpose of this blog is to help entrepreneurs and business owners draft and negotiate their own contracts.  Gone are the days when lawyers controlled all of the legal knowledge.  Today, business owners have access to thousands of contracts online.  This blog seeks to answer the questions…

  • Where do you find the best online forms?
  • How do know which ones are right for your business?
  • How do you customize legal forms?
  • What skills are required?
  • What are the key terms for negotiation?
  • When do you need a lawyer to help?
  • How can you find lawyers to craft documents that add value?

The most important skills in forming contracts are not necessarily legal, but typically require an understanding of people, negotiation, and business.  Great contracts are also very creative, and in some cases, innovative.

How can better contracts help businesses?

Nothing grows a business faster than strong business relationships.  You form them everyday with customers, contractors, employees, investors, even with friends and family.  It helps to set the right expectations so that a new business relationship starts off on the right foot.  Knowing how to structure these relationships, properly setting expectations, and putting them in writing is critical.  Too often clients ask their lawyer to draft a contract after the deal has been made.  A missed opportunity!  Understanding legal issues, such as  intellectual property rights or indemnification provisions, gives negotiators greater confidence and the ability to resolve those issues in real time.

Who is Roger Glovsky?DSC_4245rMAO-e1402379469205

I’m an entrepreneurial lawyer who believes legal documents should be accessible, affordable, and practical.  With almost 30 years of experience,  I’ve “crafted” contracts as both a lawyer and business manager.  I am also the founder and the creative force behind LEXpertise.com, a new website (coming soon) for business managers to find the right legal documents when they need them. I invite you to share your thoughts and suggestions on achieving this goal (or just improving this website).  Feel free to comment on this blog or send an email to roger at contractsguru.com.  For legal services, go to glovskylaw.com.