Power tools for lawyers?

Some guys want to own a Hummer. Other guys want twin 500HP boat engines. Others want to own superfast computers. The truth is men (and women) like power tools. The tools I dream about (yes, this may sound strange) are power tools for lawyers. I enjoy being able to handle complex business transactions and being able to crank out piles of documents quickly and efficiently. The problem is that most tools for lawyers are pretty poor. Why do legal publishers still call me by phone, Continue reading →

How should lawyers charge for services?

There are three ways to charge for legal services: hourly, fixed fee or contingency. I typically charge for work on an hourly basis. Even when I offer clients a “fixed fee”, I have to estimate the amount of time it would take and base the estimate on some equivalent amount of time. Other lawyers charge on a contingency, but that is not generally appropriate unless the matter has a significant payout and easily definable objectives. So how should lawyers charge for their time? Lawyers are Continue reading →

Will Knowledge Management drive law firms in the future?

There is no doubt in my mind that Knowledge Management (“KM”) will drive law firms in the future. In the past, law firms were driven by recruiting the best and the brightest lawyers and developing a reputation for good work. Hiring talented lawyers will be important in the future, but not as important as developing the best KM systems. Why do I believe that? Because the Internet makes people and information more accessible. It’s scary to say, but the Internet makes people more of a Continue reading →

Why is LinkedIn a good tool for lawyers?

Business development is one of the five themes that The Virtual Lawyer will discuss. In thinking about the “law firm of the future,” I have to believe that having an Internet presence will be essential to business development. But how do you create an Internet presence, especially for those of us who grew up in the real world (not the virtual world)? The short answer is: “I don’t know, but I need to start somewhere.” The Internet presence of lawyers will evolve over time. How Continue reading →

Can blogging help grow a law practice?

This year, my New Year’s resolution was to start writing a blog and to contribute regularly. Okay, I’m a little late in starting, but I’m finally ready to put my New Year’s resolution in place. The Plan is to use the blog as a motivator for building a law practice. Not just one that makes money, but one that looks forward, leverages technology, and anticipates new trends. If you will, the law firm of the future. That said, I am currently only a solo practitioner. Continue reading →

The Virtual Lawyer – Introduction

Today, lawyers are not tied to an office. With the advent of the Internet, they can work anytime, anywhere. They can work from a client site, from home, or from a remote vacation spot. All lawyers need is access to people, information, and tools (e.g., software and computer systems). Having access to people, information, and tools doesn’t mean lawyers have to work all the time; it just gives them control over where and when they choose to work. The Virtual Lawyer is all about building Continue reading →